St Andrew’s Roundhay began life as Roundhay Congregational Church in what is properly called Lidgett Park.

From 1898 onwards this area was gradually being developed. Many of the early incomers were nonconformists who had made their money in trade and were able to build substantial houses in this attractive area. Far from their city centre churches they held services in a house in the Avenue while planning for a new local church.

A local building committee persuaded the Leeds Congregational Council to consider Lidgett Park in its expansion plans and in order not to miss the opportunity several people grouped together to buy the rather awkward corner site where our church now stands.

A ‘school church’ was planned for the first stage. The foundation stone was laid in November 1901. The church, consisting of 29 members, was formally constituted in February 1902 and the building, now our Memorial Hall, was opened in June the same year. Services were held there on Sundays and meetings of many kinds during the week.

The first minister, Rev Sydney Laver, was called in December 1903. Mr Laver conducted an energetic and very successful ministry until his departure in 1910. He saw a dramatic increase in membership and activities and oversaw the building of the main sanctuary in 1908.

The period between 1914 and 1930 were difficult years for the church and it was not until the arrival of Rev Arthur Briggs in 1933 that a revival began. Under his ministry the concept of the institutional Church transformed Roundhay Congregational Church and, as a result of a series of distinguished ministries which followed, we still enjoy the benefits today.