St Andrew's

A space to reflect with God in the busyness of the week.

St Andrew’s holds midweek prayers Tuesday 7pm (term time in the Quiet Room) & Thursday 9.15am ‘Time with God’ in the Narthex (main church entrance)

To check that prayers are running call:

Time with God

Everyone is welcome to come along at 9.15 am on a Thursday morning to the Quiet Room, situated in the car park entrance.

It’s not a problem to just come occasionally, or when you feel you would like to spend Time with God together with a few other folk.

What happens? – Very varied really; we usually sing one or two hymns, we read from the Bible and we pray for others and for ourselves. We may be still and just BE because sometimes that is what feels right.

How long does it last? – Usually about 20 minutes.

It is absolutely fine to pop in if you happen to be passing. You will be made very welcome!