Baptisms & Blessings

…a place of Christian nurture, discovery, exploration and growth.

St Andrew’s believe that every child is precious and a gift of God. We celebrate new life and seek to support parents/carers who wish to bring their children to God. Seeking to be an open, inclusive and welcoming community we offer a variety of services, aiming to meet the hopes and differing commitments of parents/carers.

1. Blessing and Thanksgiving – a one-off service to thank God for the gift of new life and ask God’s blessing on your baby/child.

2. Baptism (also known as Christening) – a service which is the start of a journey in Christian nurture, in which a parent or carer is asked to confirm their belief in God and their intention to give their baby/child a Christian up-bringing within the Church.

3. Dedication – with the same commitment as baptism, but enabling the child to make their own decision about baptism in later years.

Adult baptism

St Andrew’s also offers baptism to adult believers who have not been previously baptised. For more information or to make an enquiry please contact our minister Rev Tim Lowe: During Tim’s sabbatical, please contact our Church Secretary. Details on our home page.